Let’s Reflect: The Mother of all Demos & Goal Directed Design

Last class in Human Computer Interaction was jam-packed with all sorts of new tidbits.  Today, I’d like to reflect on what some of the topics we talked about.  In particular, I’ll be talking about the Mother of all Demos and Goal Directed Design.

Let’s start with the MOTHER OF ALL DEMOS.

Anyone remember before we all had a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet?  Anyone remember when internet wasn’t really all that big?  How ’bout when email was just becoming a thing or, my absolute favorite, dial-up?  Well, this legendary demonstration took place BEFORE ALL OF THAT.  1968 is the year when Douglas Engelbart performed this demo.  At this demo, Engelbart was using the first defined desktop. Mouse, keyboard, screen; he had it, all of it.  That’s not all.  He was editing text on the screen online, communicating with someone in a different state.  He was using IM and email in 1968.  


All of these new innovations literally blew people’s minds.  This an important event because it sparked what would lead to one of our favorite toys today: the consumer’s Computer.

Next, we’ll be talking about GOAL DIRECTED DESIGN.

So, what is Goal-Directed Design?  Well, it’s basically design geared towards the actual goals and behaviors of users.  The process follows as such: start with research, then analyzing/modeling stakeholder and user data (making personas), defining the requirements using that information and items in the previous step, frameworking or designing, and finally support of the info found with the developers.