Good UI Design: iPhone 5s Finger Recognition

wireless_heroAlright, how’s it goin folks?  Today I wanna talk to you about the iPhone 5s’s fingerprint recognition!  This’ll be a short one, but I think you’ll like it!

Now now, before you go ham about how this is privacy violation I want you to hear me out!  Take for example you are at Buffalo wild wings with some blazin’ wings in one hand and a drink in the other.  Your $500 smartphone flashes with a text message, and you look down to see your mom’s number flash on the screen.

Now, normally people know the normal ending to this:  clean your hands and text back.  Now what does that require:  You have to either get up and go wash your hands, use 6 sanitary wipes to attempt to clean your hands, or use a paper towel and text back.

You’re lazy, so you choose option 3…and now you are attempting to unlock your phone with one hand.

Or, let’s say you are crossing a street attempting to unlock your phone.  See what I’m getting at?

Now this is where the finder recognition comes in.  One finger and the phone’s unlocked!  No hassle in unlocking the phone at awkward or dangerous times!

This feature is using the heuristic flexibility and efficiency of use and Minimalist design.  This feature is an effective shortcut that significantly cuts down the time for an individual to unlock his or her phone.  On top of this it’s extremely simple!


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