Reminiscence of a Mad Hatter

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another real talk moment.  I’m sure many of you had reached a point in your life where everything’s about to change, and you come to think about the memories you’ve made.

4 and four months ago there was a nervous eighteen year-old teen standing in an unknown ground called college.  This teen had one thought:  I’m at college!  Video games took much of his time, and in his major he thought he wanted to do video game modeling.  He eventually met people who became friends in his cramped dorm.  The room he had to live in was ridiculously small!  Whenever he would go to the dining court he would pile food mountain-high on his tray (seriously!) and destroy it.

Time crept on by, and that teen began to change.  He began to really focus on what he wanted to be, started dabbling in different areas of his major.  He began taking more risks, becoming more driven to accomplish something more.  Eventually he found something he began to enjoy:  UX.  He saw something fun, something challenging with it.  Above all, he saw a way to enhance something for the benefit of people.

Fast forward again, and this now 23 year old is sitting back remembering all the things he’s learned, all the friends he’s met, all the changes he’s seen in himself.  This 23 year old remembered how he came from a nervous teen to the Mad Hatter.

And now, the Mad Hatter’s curious:  How far will he go now?

——User First, Designer Second——


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