User-Centered Design for Car Shopping

volkswagenGood evening ladies and gentlemen!  Today I wanna talk to you all about actually using the UCD process outside just design.  I wanna display to you that the UCD process can be used in your everyday life!

Alright, so the example I wanna use is Buying a Car.

Step 1:  Identify the issue

I need a new car because I am sinking too much cash and time into my current one.

Step 1.2: Stakeholders and Audience

The owner of the car will be me, but I will also be planning on taking a loan from the bank.  The bank’s interest would be something I can afford.

Step 2: User Research

What do other people in my predicament do?  I’ll ask around and see what I can come up with.

Step 3: Requirements

So, there is currently a need for a new vehicle that has good ratings with reliability and that is affordable.  I want something this is sporty, yet classy.  No SUVs, but a car.  Something that’s below 20k.

Step 4: Options, options (mmm conceptualizing)

So anything highly expensive (Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac, Lexus) is automatically ruled out.  All SUVs are a no.  There are good affordable cars in Ford or Chevy, but not the sporty style I’m looking for.  Volkswagen has the CC, but it is quite high priced.  Is there a good used one?  How bout Mazda?  The 3’s and 6’s look pretty nice and have good ratings.  Let’s go with the Mazda.

Step 5:  Let’s refine the specs (Look at it up close)

Looks good, nice engine, good purr, good interior, good lights good tires.

Step 6: Let’s test it!

Alright the ride’s pretty nice!  Good handling, good use of lights, good damage protection.  And it’s pretty practical.

Step 7: How’d it do?

Love it!  Good!  Let’s go with it!

Step 8: It’s Mine!

And there you have it!  A brief demonstration of the UCD process having a hand in your life!  I hope you all enjoyed it!

——User First, Designer Second——


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