Let’s Talk Ideas: Dream Forward

What is your dream?  What is the driving factor, the baiting carrot, the end goal for you?  What is it you want to do in this dog eat dog world?  Are you one that’s driven by success, to take one achievement and move to the next?  Are you one that looks fear, hatred, animosity, adversity, doubt, sadness, and regret directly in the eyes and say “sure, you’re there, but you will not stop me.

You don’t have to be perfect, to be rich or famous.  It’s ok to be afraid, to cry, to be doubtful.  There will be times you will slow down, that the world simply is too much.  You are, we are, human.  We’re not almighty beings that rule over the galaxy.  Sometimes what we say or do will offend others, and may make us feel less than who we are.

I’m telling you it’s ok.  It’s alright to know that, to feel that.  That just goes to show that you are human.

It’s part of who you are.  Don’t let that deter you.  There will be times where you’ll feel like you’ve failed.  There will be times when the world IS too much, that animosity from others will get to you.

Don’t give up.  Don’t let these stop you eternally from your goal.  Stand up and walk forward.  It’s ok to know what your fear is, and to be afraid.  It’s not ok, however, to become completely paralyzed by it.  Your dream is not driven by what others think, or even by hurtful thoughts from you or from anyone else; its driven by your courage to look ahead, your faith that everything will be alright, your willingness to stand up after being knocked down again and again.

I’m saying I know it’s hard, but keep moving forward.  Don’t stop.

Aim for the stars, then once you reach them, look to the far side of the universe.