Let’s Talk Design: Groupon Phone App


Alright, let’s have some fun!  I’m currently working on a project that required me to check out Groupon’s phone app.  Well, I have a bit of stuff about I’d like to talk about today.

First, I’d like to say the idea of Groupon is quite an ingenious one.  Being a social shopping intermediary, Groupon pulls in many consumers looking for discounts by using teamwork.

Now for the design.

I open up the app and I am immediately asked to enter my country.  Alright, no biggie.  Next (on a separate page), I was asked to enter my state.  Alright, a little redundant but ok.  Finally I’m brought to the home page, and my first thought was “why is there three top bars?”  Anyway, I start scrolling through the main page and started to realize A.) None of these I really care about and B.) All of these are out of town.  Well, I see the Nearby nav tool and slide over to that list.  I see the little mile numbers like .2 miles away and start thinking “ah, it has my location.”

No, not really.

What the app has done is designated the general location as “Indianapolis, Indiana” and thought me as being in that vicinity.  Alright, a little annoyed I click on “Current Location” and…there’s an empty box and “current location…..”. Um, ok what goes in that box; address, zip? I don’t know, so I click on “Current Location…” and THE PAGE JUST REFRESHES.

It is at this point that my annoyance reached critical mass.

Good of the App

Great color and aesthetics scheme.  It’s very visually pleasing and smells of money (“with a hint of greed”).

Sliding menu’s a plus.  Very intuitive and piques my attention.

Bad of the App

Bad use of Location Based Advertisement. If you’re going to post something that’s in another city then you should not say that the deal is 2 miles away when it is in fact 120. It needs to hone in more; focus on what is around me.  I’m not driving to Fort Wayne for 30% off of new tires.  That’s a waste of my money.

Too many Menu Items  Ok, I usually don’t say that because I’m a fan of wide navigation, but this is just ridiculous.  This is a phone.  Three menu items? Perfect.  Four menu items? Alright.  Six, and they overlap when scrolling?  Alright now, that’s just clutter.  Two of these menu items (Just for you, customizable) seem awfully similar to each other. Why are they both there?

Overall, I think this app could be a great one if and only if it stops trying to fit everything under the sun.  I only want what I want

One thought on “Let’s Talk Design: Groupon Phone App

  1. Thank you for your review. I would like you to try to use screen shots and to point specifically to what design principles they are applying well or violating. If you don’t remember them from earlier classes, please try – and we will go over them in this class in the next 2 weeks.


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